Jordyn Horne

Registered Nurse
Cosmetic Injections, Body Sculpting & IV Vitamin infusions
Jordyn graduated from Ryerson University & George Brown College in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. Previously, Jordyn attended McMaster University, graduating in 2014 with an Honours Bachelor of Science, minoring in psychology & midwifery care. Jordyn has a strong passion for Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology, and is devoted to enhancing the natural beauty of her patients, to ensure they feel comfortable from the inside out. Aside from nursing, Jordyn loves to stay active, seek adventure, and scope out the newest restaurant on the block. Jordyn values family, friends and her community, and loves to create a warm environment where everyone can grow together. Trust Jordyn to listen to your story and bring out your best, preserving your unique features while embracing the beauty within.